Here Is What's Included

You will be apart of a exclusive members only group mentorship, surrounded by like-minded women. Throughout the course of the membership the goal is for you to grow mentally and financially.

  • 1 Live webinar that will teach you skills to start and grow your business per month.

  • Each month you have the opportunity to win a $500 business grant.

  • Private sisterhood facebook community

  • Quarterly in person meet ups coming to a city near you.

  • Exclusive Discount On Other LWL courses and products

  • 1 Live Group Q&A a month.

Why you should join?

This membership is designed to help you through your journey of entrepreneurship. No matter what industry you're in this program will help you. The mentorship membership provides lessons and resources to help you start and grow your business. I guide you through this entrepreneurial journey in a group setting. With my 9 years of experience and my day to day duties of running a multi-million dollar brand I'm sure you'll soak up the knowledge and tools to grow your own small business.

What's Included In Our 2021 Curriculum

  • Marketing beyond instagram. 
  • Creating a marketing plan for your business.
  • SEO
  • Lilly's Boss Lady Resources.
  • Influencer Marketing
  • How to increase website traffic using social media.
  • Budgeting.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Instagram ads.
  • Creating engaging content for your brand.
  • How to build your email list
  • Email funnels and segmentation.
  • Email marketing for Mailchimp.
  • Email marketing for klaviyo.
  • Business funding.
  • Pricing & accounting.
  • How to let go of your fear of failure. 
  • Holiday planning.
  • Pricing structure.
  • Sale strategies.
  • Pinterest Marketing. 
  • Customer retention + upsell.
  • How to create graphics with canva.
  • Branding.
  • Building a team.
  • Hiring.
  • Delegating. 
  • Scaling your business.
  • And much more!

No matter where you are from the idea stage to being in the trenches of running a business this program will help you grow as an entrepreneur.  


  • What if I don't have a boutique, can I still join?

    Yes! This mentorship program is great for all entrepreneurs no matter the business. If you sell anything online you will learn tools and strategies to grow your business.

  • I haven't started my business yet, can I still join?

    Yes, of course.

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

    Yes! You can cancel at anytime. Just be sure to do it at least 2 days before your due date.

  • How much is the monthly fee?

    The first month is $209 because you will gain immediate access to previous courses.

  • What has already been covered in the program that I will have access to view?

    Content Marketing. Defining your target audience. Protecting your brand. Advice from my attorney. Pricing for profit. Email marketing strategies. Email marketing flows. Mindset and personal development advice. Books that help my business elevate.

  • Where can I see reviews from other members?

    Copy and paste this link to the main Learn With Lilly website to hear what others think about the program.